Algebra & Geometry DVDs ————– Algebra & Geometry Video Courses ——————- Trigonometry Textbook Also Available ——————- Budget Plan: Basics of Algebra on DVD (7 DVDs & 3 CDs for $39.95)

ALGEBRA I course discounted from $149 to $139
ALGEBRA II course discounted from $149 to $139
GEOMETRY course discounted from $99 to $89
Through May 10, 2019

PRE-ALGEBRA — Only $49.95 (Order Item #101aaDVD from the Shopping Cart)
7 DVDs Plus approximately 275 pages of Worksheets & Solution Keys

Algebra is the KEY to all advanced math!

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Algebra I
Algebra II

Now you can have the BEST MATH PROGRAM — ask our students and their mothers!

                See algebra and geometry solutions worked out right in front of you.

FRUSTRATED? Confused? Don’t know where to turn for help? Turn on your TV or computer and insert our Home School Algebra  (or Geometry) Instructional DVDs into your DVD player!

Now, children and adults can get personalized math instruction in all levels of algebra and geometry…..right in their own home! You can master algebra and geometry quickly and easily by using Leonard Firebaugh’s Algebra on DVD or Geometry on DVD!

These academically-oriented instructional videos teach algebra and geometry clearly and effectively to students at home or school. The algebra DVDs (23 DVDs) are easily adapted to any educational setting. The algebra DVDs are divided into three phases, or levels, of algebra instruction.  The geometry DVDs are contained in a single phase of 9 DVDs.

Algebra 1 contains algebra equations, algebra math situations, and algebra problems with numerous algebra examples and algebra worksheets that have step-by-step answers.

Sample Algebra Video

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